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    Chemical Containers

    Stainless steel containers for storage

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    Stainless steel containers for the storage and transportation of high purity chemicals

    1. Product description: designed with a simple and elegant shape, our durable and corrosion-resistant containers are safe to use, easy to clean and filling. Suitable for the storage and transportation of lithium batteries, electrolytes, lithium salts and high purity chemicals.

    2. Dimensions: below 200L. Customize designs available.

    3. Materials and processing techniques:

    * The entire barrel uses imported Pohang 304 stainless steel.

    * Employed the Japanese Argon arc welding technique, single side welded and double side moulded. Safe under 0.6 MPa.

    * Inner surface is perfect electrolytic polished with no residuals.

    * Filling opening uses self-sealed stainless steel quick change connector with safety caps.

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