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  2. Welcome to the Qingdao Derfeng New Science & Technology Co., Ltd website!

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    Qingdao Derfeng New Science & Technology Co., LTD.

    Helpful infomation:
    Company's new address shall be reached by car ride primarily through Haier Road or Binhai Avenue, then turn into the west end of Zao Shan Dong Road. The clear mark is the tall smokestack of Qingdao Dongyi Thermal Power Plant.

    Address: #131 Zao Shan Dong Road (west to Qingdao Dongyi Thermal Power Plant), Zhu Zhou Road Lao Shan District, Qingdao City

    TEL:18906489626   4006705302

    FAX:0532-88705303     P.C.:266101